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How to sell your property with renters

There can be stress when it comes to selling a property that has renters already living there. The mere thought of having a conversation with a tenant about the possibility of a sale can bring about anxiety for both parties. Here we will discuss how to sell your... read more

We Buy Houses Florida News July 2016 Edition

Celebrate Your Independence…TOO! July 4th 1776 is the day we all celebrate our independence – AND so is the day we would like to buy your home!!! Selling your home, especially selling it fast, can be painless way to  fire Celebration of Independence. In today’s... read more

We Buy Houses Florida News June 2016 Edition

Summer Right Around the Corner… Living in florida we get to enjoy summer to the fullest. Whether is a stroll on the beach, water parks, kayaking. If summer has taught us anything while living in Florida is that the water is the place to go. Your kids are almost ending... read more

Tips for Selling Florida Home Fast with Bad Tenants

Whether we like it or not, bad tenants on your Florida home is something that many landlords will counter when deciding to sell their Florida home fast for cash. Overcoming bad tenants is one of the biggest hurdles landlords will face. The Tips for Selling Your... read more

Quick Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Miami Condo Fast

Market conditions, past comparables, and rental comps can all support a reasonable deal yet things can linger below the surface that you wouldn’t think about when selling a condo fast for cash in Miami. Is it Tenant Friendly? The most important factors for... read more

How to Sell Your Home Fast With Success and Less Stress

Selling a home fast can be stressful and things will happen that you cannot anticipate. For example, an investor that wants to go see a house only to find out they couldn’t view it inside because the tenant that was going to show it the home wasn’t there.... read more

5 Tips to Getting a Higher Cash Offer For your Home!

Ask if the We Buy Houses Company is well local. Real estate for the most part is local, and a we buy houses company from out of town may not be as familiar with your local real estate market. You want your home to get the highest and best use giving its location, not... read more

We Buy Houses Florida News May 2016 Edition

The Mother’s Who Raised Them… There are more than 85 million mothers in the United States, and on the second Sunday of May is the day we celebrate them all. Sons, daughters, grandchildren and nonbiological family members across the country will spend Mother’s... read more