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Selling your home for cash to a cash home buyer can save you money on commissions and fees. Agents typically charge between four and six percent of the sale price. This can add up to thousands of dollars. Cash home buyers are also advantageous for sellers who are looking to sell their homes as-is. Homeowners who are dealing with foreclosure may need to sell their homes quickly and without any repairs. Cash home buyers are a good option for these situations because they do not include a financing contingency, which protects the buyer if there are problems with the mortgage. Besides, cash buyers already have the cash to purchase the home, which means that they are less likely to walk away from a sale.

Another advantage of cash home buyers is that they do not require an appraisal. Most mortgage buyers have to get an appraisal of a property before making an offer, which is a major part of the process. A cash home buyer will not require an appraisal, which can give sellers more bargaining power. In addition to being faster and easier to work with, cash buyers will also save sellers money on repairs and improvements, as well as bank and agent fees.

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Additionally, you can avoid costly delays by selling to a cash buyer. A buyer from the traditional housing market will likely want to do an extensive inspection and may require repairs. These delays cost money and time, and many homeowners lose thousands of dollars in the process. A cash buyer, as mentioned above, wants to buy your home as-is, so they can avoid these hassles.

Another benefit of cash home buyers is that they can give you a competitive edge in a bidding war. This type of bidding war is common in today's short-supply housing market. Having cash on hand can save you a lot on the top price. Furthermore, you'll save on mortgage costs, including interest. Contact My Quick Home Buyers for more information!

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“We just closed! The price was fair and transaction was smooth, and team was knowledgeable and friendly.  Our contract had an inspection period, which is normal for real estate. The investors came by within 15 days as promised and gave the green light. I appreciated the transparency.”
Angel Halo
Hollywood, FL
“My Quick Home Buyers made the selling of my mother’s home quick and easy. We were offered a great price and they didn’t try to low ball us as most investors do. The process was smooth from start to ending and  I appreciate everyone for making this experience exceptional. I would recommend their services and plan to refer all of my friends and family.”
Jataria Hudson
West Palm Beach, FL
“Service was excellent.  They answered all my calls, texts, and emails promptly.  I agreed on a price with their buyer and then closed within a month.  I’m a happy customer and I would recommend this team.
Tony Lavicoli
Hallandale Beach, FL
“A very stress free transaction no problems whatsoever. They did all the work all I had to do was sign some papers. Very smooth from start to finish and very fast sale and settlement.”
Yolanda Guerra
Lauderhill, FL
“My original reluctance in replying to an unsolicited offer to buy a house were more than alleviated. All of my dealing with this company were above board and they made the transaction easy. Rose Thompson was our assigned agent. She was knowledgeable, personable, professional, reasonable and replied quickly in all instances. I am more than satisfied with this transaction and all tht wee involved in making it happen,”
Miguel Hernandez
Homestead, FL
“We were fortunate to have My Quick Home Buyers sell our condo.  I had the pleasure of working with Rose Thompson.  I was very impressed from the first conversation. She was very professional and knowledgeable.  All throughout the negotiations and closing Rose and the whole team were there quickly handling and making the transaction very smooth. We were able to close the deal in 30 days.  My Quick Home Buyers made it easy and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend them! Thank you again for an outstanding job done."
Elena Gonzalez
Riviera Beach, FL
“The staff with My Quick Home Buyers are very professional, They were able to answer all of my questions.  I never had a problem with them getting back with me when every I called, they were concerned with me getting all the information I needed in order to seal the deal.  I would recommend anyone to use this company.  You will not have any regrets."
Gwendolyn Montgomery
Oakland Park, FL
“I needed a solution to a complex situation I was forced to be in..myquickhomebuyers was my savior they listened when I complained and gave thier  professional opinion. They responded quickly to every call and text with a reasonable solution. We got a buyer and were able to close on our condo within a short time.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Myquickhomebuyers made my sale very easy. I was not even in the market to sell, but their offer was reasonable and the process was ease!"
Denise Alvarez
Hialeah, FL