How to Sell Your Property Fast in any Market

Here we will spill the beans on how to sell your property fast in any market in the USA. If you own real estate you will want to keep this information in mind when it's time to sell.

Ever wished you had a cheat sheet, which if followed, would allow you to sell your property, fast  in any market no matter whether it's up, down or sideways. 

Here in this post, I will give you that cheatsheet.

First, you should know that the real estate markets ebbs and flows, this is just the reality we all must deal with. A market shift is a consequence of forces that are largely out of our control. Sometimes they are in our favor and at other times they are not. However, there is one way to almost guarantee that your property will sell fast and not drown in the sea of properties that are available to buyers to purchase. 


Yes, positioning your property properly will attract the most attention and ultimately sell your property at lightning speed. Before I explain, it's first important to note that attention comes before a sale. 

More Attention = More likely to Sell

The more attention you have on a property, the more likely and the faster it will sell. With that being said, you must first seek attention, and to the degree that you get attention to your property, the more likely you will sell it. 

So how do you do that with Real estate? I'm glad you asked.

Price your property where buyers can’t help but look at it, In other words. Check to see what is available on the market and price your property slightly below the least expensive active comparable.  

You see, when anyone goes shopping for almost anything, the majority starts their search by looking from least expensive to most expensive, even if just out of curiosity. This is the same in real estate. 

Properties that are the more expensive get only a fraction of the showings as the least expensive. Think about it, if there are 10 available properties, ranging from 50k - 100k. Naturally the 50k property will get the most eyeballs, and the likelihood of someone finding what they wanted before they ever got to see the 100k property is likely. Remember, most of us shop from low to high, meaning many people may never see even the 100k property.  

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