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A must read if you need to sell your property In Palm Beach County, FL
Need To Sell Your Property In Palm Beach County, FL?
The good news is…you’ve got options, but which one makes sense for your situation. To break them down simply we call them the three S's

Sign, Stick or Sell!‍

Sign - Sign means sign a 12 month listing agreement with a local Realtor and hope that they can sell your property in that time frame    ‍
Stick - Stick is you sticking a for sale by owner sign in your yard and pray that the right buyer happens to drive by. ‍
Sell - Sell is simply selling your property to a reputable cash buyer who can save up to 8% in fees and close on the date you choose.  
Now wait.. before you make up your mind, let's explore these options some more. 
Signing with a realtor is the most recognized traditional route, and to be perfectly honest, a good Realtor can represent a property and its owner well by marketing it to the public in the best light. However, many don’t realize that they usually must agree to a 12 month listing agreement with that broker. In that agreement, there's likely to be a clause that basically handcuffs you to this agent for the next year. This also means that if you don’t like working with the agent or feel they are not doing the job well enough, which happens - you would be obligated to pay that broker 6% whether they sell your property or you find a buyer on your own. Not to mention, being summoned to clean up the property, declutter rooms, remove family pictures etc. Yes this It’s an option, but it's just not for everyone. 
On the other hand, we've got the stick method, also known as wishful thinking. You can go to Home Depot, grab a $10 For Sale By Owner, write your number on it with a sharpie, and wait for all the stares from your nosey neighbors as they gossip as to why you're selling. Did you get divorced? In foreclosure? Hey, don’t get us wrong. This is a viable option and some will get lucky going this route. But it’s just not for the faint of heart. 


Ok, now our favorite option, Sell - and yes we’re totally bias but, why wouldn't we with all things considered. We have a very compelling reason to be bashful. No listing agreements, no real estate commissions, no closing costs. Here at My Quick Home Buyers we can buy your property as-is, no clean up needed. Have tenants, that’s ok too. No need to displace them, we can still buy it. And since were South Florida's #1 Cash Buyer Network we have power in paying cash, with no bank approvals or 3rd party appraisals needed. If this sounds good for you, let us make you an offer, after-all, there is no obligation to accept.
We buy Houses, Multi-Family properties, Condos, Townhomes and Vacant land direct from homeowners like you everyday. Click the “Get Offer” link below and let’s get a conversation started.
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